A Comprehensive


It is the Max Bögl Group policy to offer and carry out even the most complex ground freezing projects as one service package.
This includes the following services:
  • geotechnical and hydrological assessment of the building project
  • technical and financial consulting regarding the choice of the freezing method (brine or liquid nitrogen)
  • studying different options
  • drafting special proposals and individual construction designs
  • planning the construction project, dimensioning the frost body, thermal and static calculations regarding the frost body, designing the ground freezing plant
  • sinking drill holes for the freeze pipes and temperature sensor tubes
  • supplying, installing and grouting the pipes
  • installing the ground freezing plant as well as the company-owned measuring technology devices
  • carrying out the freezing project: operating the plant, measuring and analysing data, documenting, checking and controlling deformation
Ground freezing technology and tunnel construction are two areas of expertise which are closely linked, complementing one another perfectly in the development of safety measures and innovative tunnel construction concepts.
Schematic diagram of the frozen structure for building the subway station Heinrich-Heine-Allee underneath Galeria Kaufhof (Wehrhahn line) in Düsseldorf



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