and control technology

Complex ground freezing projects require comprehensive measuring and control technology. Temperature sensors in the ground or in adjoining components make sure that the frost body is cohesive and has the statically required temperature. In addition, temperature sensors, pressure sensors as well as level and flow meters in the brine and nitrogen pipelines and freezing units make it possible to precisely monitor and assess the freezing process.
Depending on the requirements and the size of a freezing project, several hundred sensors are installed on the construction site. Decentralised measuring modules allow the sensors’ measuring signals to be gathered, transformed into digital signals and transmitted to the main survey station. Max Bögl has its own measuring and visualisation software which stores all measured data and presents them in clearly arranged charts and sectional graphs. The software detects anomalies within the freezing process and reports an error message should threshold values be exceeded. The error messages are transmitted via internet and text messages to the operating staff and to our site managers. Changes of control parameters and adjustments can be made online at any time using remote maintenance techniques via Max Bögl’s intranet.




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