of ground freezing

Ground freezing technology makes use of the properties of artificially frozen ground. To achieve this, freeze pipes are bored or driven into the ground in specified intervals. A refrigerant is passed through the freeze pipes absorbing the heat of the surrounding ground as it circulates. This leads to the formation of cylindrical frost bodies surrounding the freeze pipes which gradually coalesce to form frozen walls or slabs. As a rule, frost bodies can be produced in any shape by placing the freeze pipes in the appropriate positions. The frost bodies are monitored by temperature sensors placed within the frozen body or in the ground adjacent to the frozen area.
There are two procedures that are used for freezing ground, each involving a different type of refrigerant:
  • Ground freezing with brine (watery saline solution)
  • Ground freezing with liquid nitrogen
Ground freezing technology can be applied in the following areas:
  • Tunnel construction: ridge freezing, tunnel driving support, creating cross-cuts
  • Collision protection for shield driving and pipe jacking
  • Underpinning, protection of excavation pits and shafts
  • Extraction of undisturbed soil samples
  • Forcing through railway underpasses
  • Soil remediation
Ground freezing as a modern construction technology provides our clients with a number of benefits, including:
  • a safe and non-polluting construction method
  • a construction element which is both static and watertight
  • supportive construction procedures which are economically and technically sound as well as superior to conventional methods
  • a construction method which enables high performance and schedule effectiveness
  • innovative solutions for problem cases
  • a flexible construction method for both large-scale and small-scale projects
  • no disruptive internals remain in the ground after completion of the construction works
  • rapid availability even in emergency cases



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