Ground freezing technology

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Ground freezing technology

Max Bögl Group

For engineers, the advantage of ground freezing is the fact that artificially frozen ground is very solid and waterproof. Ground freezing, a speciality used in underground construction, is characterised by high safety standards and is highly reliable. When a ground freezing project is completed, no residues remain in the ground. As a consequence, ground freezing technology is renowned for protecting groundwater and being environmentally safe.
The Max Bögl Group features modern, field-tested equipment as well as skilled staff with a long standing track record of handling complex ground freezing projects. The interdisciplinary cooperation of different areas of expertise, such as refrigeration engineering, plant engineering and construction, tunnel construction and special underground engineering, enables us to develop and implement innovative solutions. As a result, ground freezing is increasingly becoming a flexible and profitable building method for our Group.

Stefan Jacob

Head of Tunnel Construction

Benno Müller

Head of Ground Freezing Technology



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